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What do you mean a by fitness " community?"

In our modern world, it's easy to stay isolated - we go to work; come home; go straight into the house; don't talk to our neighbors; and then go to bed.  

And it starts all over again the next day

But God made us for relationships.   

At BDD-Fitness, 

we 'check-in' with one another at class.  

We chat about how our 

12 year old's soccer game went... 

 We share the burdens of a 

recent medical diagnosis...

And then, we exercise to burn 

off the stresses of life.

Body. Mind. Spirit.  

We end with prayer, 

lifting all of our small and big and crazy needs to 

the only One who can help us.  

THAT's Community.

There is no judgment here.  

Jesus calls us to love people selflessly, and with His strength we endeavor to do so.


Fun times with our Fitness Community...We are Silly sometimes!

(Decades Party, Super Hero/Super Powers Nights, Tacky Tourist Party, et)


Our Goals: 

Building - Developing - Deepeni​ng - Declaring

Building – Community, Faith, and Fitness

Developing – Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Relationally

Deepening – Our relationships with Jesus and one another

Declaring – Truth from the Bible into lives for transformation

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